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Saturday, August 8, 2020

New Feature in Art and Stitch PLUS Ver 6

I have to say I was intrigued when I saw this tidbit in the "What's New in Art and Stitch PLUS Ver 6" PDF.  Art and Stitch will now open PHC files.  And you ask..."What is a PHC file?"

Click HERE to read more about the updates in PLUS Version 6.

PHC files are antiquated formats of decorative stitch files found on your Brother or Baby lock brand computerized sewing and/or embroidery machine.

Long ago, when I owned my own quilt shop, and was a Baby lock dealer, I asked what the computer port was for on the latest sewing machine.  I was told that is was to load updates or new stitches to my machine.  Well, the updates and new stitch files never materialized and years passed.

With my newfound curiosity in hand, I went to my Ellisimo sewing/embroidery machine.  I tried to load some decorative sewing stitch files to my external USB.  My Ellisimo is probably older than the 8 years young that the PDF references.  But I had to give it a try.

When I took the USB back to the computer, this is what I saw in Windows File Explorer....

The formats were PHC and PMX.  And many of the PHC files would not open in Art and Stitch.  I could see them, but nothing appeared in the Workspace when I clicked to OPEN the files.  And it didn't recognize the PMX files at all.  And File Explorer wanted to associate the PMX files with my Corel Draw program as indicated by the orange icon.  No, Corel wouldn't recognize them either.

I did a Google search for the PMX format, and got information that it should open in Adobe Illustrator.  NOT the correct information either!


Back to the sewing machine...  This time I saved some older versions of stitches that I knew had been out for some time.  Not the pretty newer ones that came with this model, but still attractive and different from what is available in the Motif files of Art and Stitch.



It's a bit HIT n MISS but there were some stitch files that came through.   I was able to convert them to a NEW motif file and SAVE in my Library.

You do need to have the NEW Version 6 of Art and Stitch PLUS.  If you are already an owner of PLUS, the new update is FREE.

If you don't own the add-on software to your BASE version of Art and Stitch, this might be a good reason to get it NOW!

Purchase Art and Stitch PLUS (add-on) now at a SUPER discount by going HERE

Motif stitches can be used in quilting as well as embroidery.  As stitched lines (like your sewing machine) OR motif fills.

Want to know more about Converting sewing machine stitch files?  Or creating your own Motif files?

Comment below and I'll create a post on the process!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I love finding out about all things software related even though putting the knowledge to work keeps getting delayed by grandchildren’s needs.