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Friday, August 7, 2020

Wingding Fonts

Looking for simple shapes or symbols for creating a new quilting design?  They may be hiding right in your computer!

Have you ever tried the Wingding fonts on your computer?

Every computer is different as far as what fonts are available.  Fonts available on your computer will be different from mine.  But in some fashion...Wing or Web Ding fonts are available.  Take a peek!

In Art and Stitch, use the TTF Artwork tool at the bottom of the first vertical tool bar.

Click on the tool button and the selection window opens.  Choose SELECT and scroll down the list of fonts available on your computer.

      Choose a font.

I have created a Character Map for these 4 fonts.  You may download it from the FILES section of my Facebook Group HERE.  If you're not a member, please join us!

Or join the message board - DigitalQuiltingBee - on and check the FILES section.

Every key on your keyboard (letters, numbers, and special characters) relates to a different character as illustrated by the Sample box.

Insert the letter from the Character Map that relates to the image you have selected.  I've chosen the capital letter "H" from the Webdings font.  Next click OK.

This letter gives you a house.  

From the Properties box on the right of the Workspace, un-check the FILL box and click APPLY.

You'll get an outline of the house!  ARTWORK!  Hurray!  Now you can turn this into a quilting design by connecting the ARTWORK into a CONTINUOUS LINE design and apply stitches!

Happy Quilting!

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