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Friday, October 12, 2018

The New Brother ScanNCut SDX225

This week has been full of detours and distractions. Last week it was near 90 degrees almost everyday with summer trying to hang on until the last day possible. This week we wake up and it's a daytime high in the 40s. I think we've gone from summer to near winter overnight. Plants outside had to be cleaned, pruned and brought inside. My sunroom now resembles something similar to a tropical forest. Quilting and gardening they go hand-in-hand.

My mother had some health scares and required our attention and some overnight stays at her house. While I was happy to do it and spend some time with her, it did take away from my schedule and plans. But there's always Plan B! I'm pretty adaptable since I am self-employed and work from home.

Last weekend we picked up my new ScanNCut cutting machine. My old machine was not wireless and with the new features in the latest machine, I splurged for the "big dog."  I'm looking forward to using it and spent some time reading the user's guide while sitting with my mom. She was looking over my shoulder at the new features as I reviewed some videos on YouTube.  I think she'll be over to play with the machine soon!

I got everything unboxed yesterday only to discover that Brother has a new update to the machine already. I spent a good deal of yesterday morning connecting it to our wireless network, registering the machine, and downloading the update.

Haven't had time to listen to how quiet the machine runs.  Finding some time to actually cut something will have to come this weekend.  I also added a new 24-inch mat and am looking forward to loading it up with appliques for my next project.

Stay tuned! I'll be posting more pictures and more reviews about the new machine. I'd love to hear if you have purchased the new ScanNCut cutting machine or have any experience with it. Tell me about it in the comments below..

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