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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Growing Sunflowers

Growing Sunflowers

Progress continues...

After reviewing the Accuquilt pattern and my available Accuquilt dies, I went to my Art and Stitch program to start designing.  I didn't own all the dies listed in the pattern so I added a few additional shapes from the Art and Stitch library Shapes folder.  Using the backdrop tool, I layed out the shapes for the sunflower blocks.

Then over to Electric Quilt 8 to do some color and fabric mock ups.  See my previous post for pictures and links to the free pattern.
Now to get started with fabric selection and cutting out all those shapes!

There were A LOT of sunflower petals!  So I saved my SVG shapes, laid them out in Canvas Workspace to cut more efficiently.  And VOILA!  Sunflower petals!  All my fabrics were backed with Heat-N-Bond Light fusible available on my website.

Next it was back to Art and Stitch to print out my 12 inch (finished) block.  It printed on 4 pages.  Line them up.  A little tape and we're ready to start placing applique.

If you have a light box, it's even easier.  I adjusted my lines under the Properties menu of Art and Stitch to make nice fat lines that were easy to see.

OK.  Fused petals!  We're on our way!  More in next post!

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