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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Printing with Infusible Ink

 It all starts with Art and Stitch digitizing software!  Always wanting to get more out of my software and crafting equipment, I have been recently wandering into the infusible ink printing arena.

This time I used Art and Stitch to create a design.  I started making an embroidery design, but quickly thought, "This would make an awesome T-shirt design!"  I exported said artwork design as a FCM file.  That's the native format for Brother Scan N Cut machines and Canvas software.

Since the Brother Scan N Cut (SDX-225) has a fill feature, I filled the portions of my design with a crosshatch fill (set to .075).

Grabbing those Cricut Infusible Markers and the Brother Universal Pen Holder, I drew the mirrored image to HP Laser Printer paper.  It needs to be Laser Printer paper and use your Low-Tack Adhesive Mat.

Did you clean out your closets earlier this year while #StayHome orders were in place?  I did.  I held back a few t-shirts to experiment on when I got around to playing with this feature.  This t-shirt had seen better days, but would work perfectly for my experiments!  

This is a cotton t-shirt and every thing I have read on the subject said to use polyester ONLY!  I seldom follow ALL the rules! LOL!  And if it were my final draft, I would most likely have selected a white (or lighter color) t-shirt.  You may want to print this on a tote bag, too.

Apply the design to your t-shirt or bag using a firm surface, such as the Cricut EasyPress mat, and the Cricut Easy Press set at 385 degrees for 48 seconds.  Be sure to place the printed design face down to your t-shirt.  Place card stock or a couple pieces of paper between your t-shirt and the mat as well as on top of the laser paper.  This prevents bleed through to your mat or your iron.  The infusible ink actually "melts" into your project fabric and will make an awful mess on the surface of your mat or iron.  Be safe and protect your surfaces!

But WO-HOO!  It worked!

Having fun with my Quilting / Crafting toys!  What are you creating today?

Dream Big!


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Monday, August 10, 2020

PHC files to Art and Stitch Motif files

 If you missed the first post of this series and want to learn more about PHC files, check the BLOG archive to the right of this post.  

Or CLICK HERE to learn more about the newest feature in Version 6 of Art and Stitch PLUS

Once I found a PHC file from my sewing machine that will work, here's the process I used to create and save as a NEW (decorative) motif fill for quilting.

Open the Art and Stitch program and OPEN the selected PHC file as you would normally open a stitch file.   Be sure to check that CONVERT TO OUTLINES box.

Once the design opens to the Workspace, Rt. click on the top horizontal ruler and select Snap to Guidelines.  Use the RESHAPE tool to select the design.

We only need one repeat.  Drag down a dotted alignment bar from the upper ruler and locate it over the Start/Stop points.  You'll need to keep those points on the same horizontal plane for perfect sewing alignment.  Find the STOP of one repeat on the horizontal plane and right-click your mouse and select SPLIT LINE as shown below.

Once you have isolated the one repeat, you can delete the remaining portion by selecting and press the DELETE key or CTRL+X.

Next select the STITCH EDIT button right below the RESHAPE tool button.

Another tool bar will appear under the top horizontal tool bar. 

Left-Click, Hold and Drag a box around the new design to select.

Your view should change to something like this.



A new widow will appear with a preview of your repeated design.  If you need to make changes, click CANCEL.  If you are happy, click SAVE.

Give your file a NEW name and click SAVE.  I start all my new motifs with the initials "KK" so I know they are mine.  Identify yours with your own personal identifier.

Open a new file workspace.  Draw a shape for a fill and or a line / curve to apply the new MOTIF.

From the PROPERTIES panel to the right of the Workspace, select your new MOTIF and click APPLY.  All of YOUR new motifs will be highlighted PURPLE.

To apply to a line or curve, select and click LINE SEW TYPE : MOTIF button.

To change MOTIF size, enter a larger or smaller number in PATTERN SIZE in the PROPERTIES PANEL and click APPLY.

SAVE your work as an ANS (working file) format.  This new motif can be used for your next beautiful quilting OR embroidery project.  HAVE FUN!!

Were you able to locate a PHC file on your sewing machine that works?  Tell us below in the COMMENTS.

If not, would you like to learn how to create your own motif?  We'll talk next time!

See you soon!

Happy Quilting!


If you missed the first post of this series, check the BLOG archive to the right of this post.  

Or CLICK HERE to learn more about the newest feature in Version 6 of Art and Stitch PLUS.